The Power of Fleet Intelligence

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Intelligent TollMetrics: Combining the Power of Fleet Data with Toll Management

Learn how connecting fleet management data with tolling activity helps to uncover key insights to reduce operational costs and maximize profits across your business.

Bestpass and Vehicle Tracking Solutions have joined together to create TollMetrics, where users benefit from full visibility of nationwide toll usage across your fleet of vehicles, assets, and drivers. Learn the top 5 ways of combining the power of dynamic fleet management data and toll usage within one intuitive platform.

  • Minimize Back-Office Inefficiencies 

  • Identify Unauthorized Toll Usage 

  • Optimize Fleet Routes to Avoid Peak Hours 

  • Take Advantage of Volume Discounts 

  • Let Data Uncover and Drive Fleet and Toll Management Decisions  


Vehicle Tracking Solutions' Chief Technology Officer and a Bestpass Strategic Account Executive will discuss how fleet managers can leverage fleet management software with toll management, share successful implementations, and demonstrate how the relevant modules of Silent Passenger software work. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions.


Ryan Wilkinson
Chief Technology Officer
VehicleTracking Solutions



Daniel Mahl
Strategic Account Executive
Bestpass, Inc.



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