The Power of Fleet Intelligence TM

When it comes to maximizing local budgets and driving community satisfaction, knowledge is power.

By using GPS fleet tracking and data to guide them in making key decisions, local government and municipalities have achieved significant success while reducing costs and driving efficiency.

Whether you're an emergency vehicle, municipal fleet, or snow removal fleet, these are great tips to help you enhance productivity and better serve your community.

What's inside:

Learn how local governments utilize best practices for optimal performance while lowering operation costs. 

  • Save money to proactively stay within budget
  • Reduce the fleet's impact on the environment
  • Improve fleet utilization and optimization
  • Serve the community in a more effective way - gain community satisfaction 
  • Be prepared for seasonal changes and gain control over fleet routing and efficiency


Plus, the Director of Public Works from Woodbridge Township, NJ, shares their success story as a result of implementing these best practices, "The Woodbridge Township has seen significant savings of over $4 million dollars a year..."

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