The Power of Fleet Intelligence

Cutting Through the Noise: Making Fleet Analytics Work for You

There’s a difference between just reporting what happened and unlocking actionable business insights with data visualization.

Increasingly, organizations are seeking to connect their data in a single-solution. The right platform will offer configurable, real-time dashboards that illustrate how your fleet’s performance impacts your business, customer service, and your bottom line.

During this webinar, you will learn how to make the most of your fleet data by:

  • Collecting and analyzing data under one platform
  • Seamlessly integrating fleet management with enterprise applications
  • Simplifying cross-analyzing of data
  • Receiving real-time, customized alerts across operational departments
  • Quantifying how your fleet is performing and impacting your business
  • Making business decisions based on data trends and predictive analytics

Listen to our CTO, Ryan Wilkinson, discuss the benefits of leveraging fleet analytics, share successful implementations, and demonstrate how Silent Passenger’s interactive Fleet IQ dashboard works.


Ryan Wilkinson
Chief Technology Officer



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