The Power of Fleet Intelligence TM

Five ways fleet safety technology protects your drivers, vehicles, and bottom line

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Improve Fleet Safety to Protect Your Enterprise Fleet

Safety is a top priority for companies with large fleets. Unsafe driving behaviors can cause accidents, vehicle wear and tear, excess fuel consumption, and more. With driver behavior monitoring you can pinpoint problematic behaviors and create individualized driver safety coaching plans. 

Data-driven safety programs allow you to correlate driver behavior with operational expenses across all functions of your business.  

See how a reliable fleet safety telematics solution delivers key business intelligence needed to maintain a safe and profitable fleet across every function.

  • Customizable driver scorecards allow for individualized coaching and training
  • Correlate excessive fuel consumption to driver activity
  • Reduce costly accidents and vehicle downtime
  • Prevent vehicle maintenance expenses from aggressive driving
  • Improve driver retention by creating a safe fleet culture
  • Correct and monitor unsafe driver behaviors
  • Access driver scorecards with real-time alerts and historical trends
  • Qualify for insurance premium reductions

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