Speeding, vehicle wear and tear, and accidents are all factors that drive risks and unexpected costs for your fleet operations and overall business.

If you work within a mobile workforce, then you know running a fleet of vehicles can be stressful. Especially when it comes to managing a mobile workforce, many factors can come into play unexpectedly. 

Do you know how risky your drivers might be while on the road in a company vehicle? Download your Workforce Safety Quiz today to see how well they score against these factors:

  • High Limit Speeding (over a set MPH threshold)  
  • Exceeding Posted Speed Limits
  • Hard Braking  
  • Rapid Acceleration
  • Engine Idling

Scoring high on any of these could potentially put your company profits at risk and drive exponential expenses. 

Silent Passenger® Safety Feature allows you to monitor and score your drivers’ behavior in real-time. This will enable you to reduce risks and improve driver behaviors before they become costly. Reduce vehicle repairs, fuel consumption, and your business’ accident rate, but by enforcing safe driving habits through the SP Safety feature, you can also save on insurance premiums.

You get to decide the scoring algorithm, and we do the rest of the math that shows your drivers’ performances on the road.

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Silent Passenger®, powered by Vehicle Tracking Solutions, is the leading multi-use fleet management platform. In addition to all of its cutting-edge telematics data insights and fleet management features, innovative Silent Passenger® is intuitive and easy to use...literally putting information-rich data at your fingertips in real time to increase efficiency fleet wide and maximizing your profits. 

With VTS, your business is more than just a number.  Our US-based customer support staff, located in the USA, is highly trained and provides the highest-level of support possible for your fleet management solution needs.

  • Driver Behavior Scorecards
  • Customer Quick Alerts
  • Process Driven Dashboards
  • Electronic Logbook (ELD)
  • Employee Management
  • Silent Passenger Connect API Module
  • Route Optimization
  • Location Tracking
  • Fleet Utilization Optimization
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management
  • Safety: Speed & Behavior 
  • Fuel Management
  • Driver Identification
  • 2-Way Messaging
  • Toll Management and Reconciliation



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